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The History of the Wristwatch

While today the wristwatch is widely worn throughout most of the world and presented to us in my styles and designs there is a great history of the wristwatch and how we came about wearing them. Here is a look at that history and how the wristwatch made its way to being one of the number one functional fashion accessories we wear today.

Originally many years ago, a sort of pocket watch was the common accessory. They were worn connected to pendant that was then tucked into either a corset or in a jacket lining. If one wanted to know what the time was they had to go about fishing it out and tucking back in. Many believe and say that at the end of the 19th century a nanny was actually the one responsible for coming up with the invention of the wristwatch by fastening a watch on a silk band to her wrist which of course made telling time much more convenient than having to reach into her corset. This style soon grew popularity and there were many watches worn on the wrists usually connected to simple leather bands.

As far as the kind of watch that we are accustomed to seeing today, Louis Cartier is to be credited for coming up with the original. He made this style for Santos Dumant a flying engineer. This style quickly became the trend and soon after 1910 it was a common item one could find at many different stores and shops. As the wristwatch became increasingly popular designers started to use different shapes shifting away from the traditional round shape that most were used to seeing. Some designers even became known for their specific shapes such as Patek Phillipe's tank version.

Once all of these new designs started hitting the market other watch designers started coming up with new features to put on wristwatch's such as watches that showed the month and day. In 1920 one of the most famous wristwatch designers came out with the Rolex Prince and it's famous duel time which actually went above and beyond by showing the seconds rather than just the minutes. Other designers followed increasing the quality and features of their watches. Many believe that the wristwatches that were designed and made in the years between 1910 and 1930's really set the path for the type of wristwatches we see today.

With so many unique styles and features designers have come up with it is no wonder how designer watches are now a fashion accessory we all cannot live without.

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